Friends of The Bruce District Parks Association

Friends of Fathom Five and Friends of Bruce Peninsula

Friends of the Bruce District Parks

Welcome to The Friends of The Bruce District Parks Association


The Friends of the Bruce District Parks is made up entirely of volunteers who work in their individual ways to support the overall mission of the group. There is a hands-on board of directors and a very active membership. Each year an annual general meeting is held where all members can contribute to shaping the direction of the organization. Those who are not interested in the management side of things often engage in different ways; Programs, festivals, lightkeeping duties are all assisted by members participating in ways that they enjoy best.


The Friends of the Bruce District Parks Association which comprises "The Friends of Fathom Five" and "The Friends of Bruce Peninsula" is a charitable organization which supports Fathom Five National Marine Park and Bruce Peninsula National Park by promoting awareness of the natural, historic and cultural resources of the park and surrounding hinterland. This is achieved through educational publications and programs, volunteer service, facility and display development and planning, research assistance and community service.


The Friends of Bruce District Parks Association strives to:

  • provide for the financial viability of the association
  • provide educational publications and goods focused on Parks Canada and the environment
  • support Parks Interpretive programs
  • establish and maintain active member volunteers
  • support the park planning and management processes
  • develop and maintain clear operating guidelines and procedures for the association